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I’m a creative entrepreneur, just like you. I know how many things you have to plan and put together. And with websites and social media, I know photos are always on your “someday soon list”, and it shouldn’t be!

Know a few people who need social media photos as much as you do?

Host a Take Ten Party and get your photos done for free!

Take Ten  is a lightning round Professional Photoshoot that you host in your home or location of choice. As the host what you serve is up to you. You can make the party as simple or as extravagant as you please. Or add take ten into a already existing party as an extra wow for your guest.

For $300 you get a two hour shoot for a maximum of 10 people including yourself.

Thats $30 a person, for nine people or $60 a person for 5.

The combinations are endless.

*Please note these prices are for NY and NJ. Prices will change for travel.



What you get:

Lights, Camera, Action Photoshoot at the location of your choice.

Each guest will get a time slot relative to how many guest you have attending.

example: 10 minutes each for 10 people, 30 minutes each for 5 people.

You and your guests will receive one photoshoped image and two untouched images via email 48 hours after your session.





Make it a night! Book with your friends and enjoy wine and refreshments before and after.

Wallflowers welcomed!

Sounds like your kind of party?!  Lets talk! 

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